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The DORA transition period ends on 17 January 2025. We can help you train staff in all the key competencies needed to demonstrate compliance. Talk to a training expert about the skills you need.

DORA compliance – the structured route

The DORA (Digital Operational Resilience Act) transition period ends in January 2025. Our certified DORA training courses give you the know-how and confidence to navigate your route to the compliance deadline. From project teams to your appointed DORA Risk Director, we’ve mapped the learning pathway to DORA compliance for all the key roles in your team.

Build knowledge, from a foundational understanding to practical and role-specific skills that qualify employees to take on the key competencies, roles and responsibilities your organisation needs to attain and maintain compliance.

Give your organisation the time and capabilities to effect change calmly. Our training courses enable you to think strategically, and can make the difference between implementing minimum standards hastily and leveraging the DORA requirements to improve digital resilience and IT governance.

Free brochure: DORA training courses for organisations and specialist consultants

Free brochure: DORA training courses for organisations and specialist consultants

Organisations in scope for DORA need reliable consultants, compliance experts, auditors and security services such as penetration testing and ethical hacking. DORA training equips consultants to serve this market. Certifications will help you stand out from untrained advisers and provide your services when they are needed most. Find out about the courses on offer for your role.

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Training for all roles and responsibilities

From general staff awareness to appointed risk director and external auditor.

Accountable directors

Risk-based insight for leaders with accountability for maintaining compliance.

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Key competencies

Focused, role-based learning for those holding critical positions in your governance, risk and compliance framework.

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Project teams

Strong working knowledge to motivate cross-functional teams on implementation projects.

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Staff awareness

Simple elearning sessions that employees can take online at any time.

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Audit, compliance and risk professionals demonstrating regulation-relevant capability.

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Supply chain

For procurement, legal and audit professionals checking for compliance or managing customer and supplier contracts.

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Training for personal career growth – which course?

Our certified DORA training courses give you:

  • Qualifications and credibility;
  • Skills, knowledge and competency;
  • An understanding of how DORA frameworks and practices dovetail with those in place for other regulations and standards;
  • Long-lasting learning by referencing skills and knowledge you already have, so you build on what you know rather than learn afresh; and
  • A network of mentors and peers who are putting their DORA training into practice.

Become a Certified DORA Compliance Officer


Become a Certified DORA Lead Auditor


Become your organisation’s appointed DORA Risk Director

Training for organisations and teams – which courses?

Our certified DORA training courses give you:

  • A fast path to upskilling your key people;
  • Qualifications and credibility to show that your project teams and key people have authority in DORA;
  • Structured pathways for people in different business functions who will play vital roles in creating and maintaining your frameworks and processes for DORA compliance;
  • Access to corporate discounts on training; and
  • Access to continuing professional development for your teams and insider insights to give them the ‘first-to-know’ advantage.

Project teams: raise the baseline knowledge for all


Compliance teams: work DORA into your remit with best practice


Information security and cyber security teams: up your game

Training for professionals and consultants – which courses?

Our certified DORA training courses give you:

  • Qualifications and credibility in advising on DORA compliance;
  • Fast-track learning options, including combination courses;
  • Structured pathways to build your career and continue your professional development;
  • Access to cost-efficient add-on modules for qualifications in related fields; and
  • Access to continuing professional development through free webinars, plus insider insights for the ‘first-to-know’ advantage, helping you gain authority in your field.

External auditors: become DORA certified

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