The GDPR is complex, compliance needn’t be

Achieve, maintain and demonstrate genuine compliance with best-in-class solutions

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The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) fines have begun, with organisations across the EU facing penalties for breaching the Regulation. And it’s only the beginning. Failing to embed data protection in the heart of your business could cost you greatly. Is this a risk you’re willing to take?

Compliance is not optional, but cosmetic compliance is also not good enough. Now is the time to achieve genuine, demonstrable compliance.

Drive your GDPR project forward and ensure you meet your regulatory requirements with our new compliance packages. Developed by our team of GDPR experts, they are a cost-effective solution to help you achieve and maintain compliance.

Let’s find the right solution for your organisation

I have limited resources and I’m unsure how to go about achieving compliance. I need some support and practical advice about improving my current compliance status and getting my project underway.

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I have already started my compliance project. I just need the additional knowledge and tools to embed my GDPR project by design and by default.

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GDPR Compliance Solution – The Essentials

This cost-effective, all-in-one solution will help streamline your GDPR compliance. Developed by our team of GDPR experts, it offers a fast and simple route to compliance.

This package is right for you if:

  • You have limited resources and you’re unsure how to go about achieving compliance; or
  • You need some support, guidance or practical advice getting your project underway

What does this GDPR compliance solution include?

  • Staff awareness training

    Empower and educate your staff on their responsibilities under the GDPR

  • GDPR pocket guide

    Gain a comprehensive overview of the Regulation with this essential guide 

  • Implementation and compliance guide

    Support your GDPR project from start to finish with expert guidance

  • Documentation toolkit

    Customise and apply pre-written policies, procedures, templates and worksheets

  • GDPR Foundation training course

    Train up a staff member on the practical implications and legal requirements of the GDPR


GDPR Compliance Solution – Data Protection by Design and by Default

Tailored specifically for larger organisations, this package is designed to help you embed data protection in the core of your organisation, helping you achieve and maintain demonstratable compliance.

This package is right for you if:

  • You have already begun your compliance project; or 
  • You need the knowledge and tools to complete your implementation project.

What does this GDPR compliance solution include?

  • Staff awareness training

    Empower and educate your staff on their responsibilities under the GDPR

  • GDPR training voucher

    Take the lead on your compliance project. Redeem your voucher on any of our certified GDPR training courses and further develop your skills and knowledge.

  • CyberComply

    Manage, track and audit your compliance with this comprehensive suite of software tools. This single solution has been designed to help you manage your cyber defences and implement robust, demonstrable compliance.

    CyberComply includes a suite of bestselling GDPR compliance tools including vsRisk, GDPR Manager, the DPIA Tool, Compliance Manager and the Data Flow Mapping Tool.


The key benefits of our all-in-one compliance solutions

Designed by experts who led the first successful ISO 27001 implementation. project

Eliminate the hassle of demonstrating compliance.

Streamline your compliance activities and ensure your processes align with best practice.

Manage, achieve and maintain genuine compliance with best-selling tools.

Cut your implementation costs with this affordable discounted solution.

Access market-leading tools and expertise in one solution.

Why choose IT Governance?

  • We’ve always been at the forefront of data protection and were the first organisation to offer GDPR training in the UK.
  • Our specialist team has extensive experience in data protection and an in-depth understanding of how to meet the GDPR’s requirements.
  • We have more than 15 years’ practical experience in implementing effective information security solutions.
  • More than 9,000 customers have attended our GDPR training courses.
  • Over 9,000 customers use our documentation templates and toolkits.
  • Our e-learning courses are used by more than 70,000 customers.

Don’t get caught out – let us help you meet your GDPR compliance objectives today

Select the solution for your organisation and let us help you achieve and maintain genuine, demonstrable compliance – without the hefty penalty.

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